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Roof Inspection Checklist

Here's the checklist that I use to inspect a roof during a home inspection.

The checklist includes several items that a home inspector may check during a roof inspection. This inspection procedure goes beyond the scope of a home inspection according to the Home Inspection Standards of Practice.

  • Check the roof covering.

  • Check for an offset pattern.

  • Check the drip edge.

  • Check the slope.

  • Check the roof ventilation.

  • Check the fasteners.

  • Check the deck sheathing.

  • Check the underlayment.

  • Check the ice barrier.

  • Check the flashing areas.

  • Check the nail penetration into the deck sheathing.

  • Look for indications of an active roof leak.

To learn about those roof items and how to inspect them during a home inspection, home inspectors and homeowners should visit and take the free, online "Introduction to Home Inspections Course."

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